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Today, R&R Holistic Laboratory and Diagnostic Center boasts to offer wide arrays of diagnostic procedures (X-RAY, ECG, DRUG TEST, OPTICAL, DENTAL, COMPLETE Laboratory etc…). It is slowly establishing its niche in the field of industrial laboratory medicine as we give focus in providing medical need of its company: employment / pre-employment and annual medical examination, as part of their occupational and health standard safety policies. Our Mobile Medical Clinic, a 22 footer step van is equipped with portable X-Ray machine, examination in companies and business without affecting business operations.

Clinical Laboratory

We aim to provide accurate and reliable results to aid in the diagnosis of diseases and treatment monitoring.

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HIV Testing

R&R Holistic Laboratory and Diagnostic Center also offers HIV testing either as part of the medical package or personal request.

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Screening Drug Test

R&R Holistic Laboratory and Diagnostic Center performs screening drug test with the use of high sensitivity and high accuracy drug testing kits.

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The overall health status of a person especially those seeking new employment or those for re-employment is very vital since it determines if a person is FIT TO WORK.

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Radiology / X-Ray

R&R Holistic Laboratory and Diagnostic Center allows us to perform all routine and special procedures in the Radiology section.

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Mobile Clinic Service

. It will be beneficial for a company to save time, effort and money if Annual Medical and Physical Examination is done on-site.

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Medical Home Service

The modern world of medical testing allows us to give opportunity to every patient and client to get tested in the comfort of their homes.

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Electrocardiogram (ECG)

The basic and most common test to measure the electrical activity of the heart is by the use of ECG Machine.

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Meeting the challenges of an ever-changing healthcare environment.